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Twin 500 Coil system
Dual coil 1,000,000 BTU 220 Volt 60 Cycle $68,056.50 Each
Carbon steel Schedule 80 coils
Carbon steel chassis (Powder coated).
Stainless Steel (304) panels will be included to enclose the system.
Serviceable components will be located where the panels need not be removed wherever possible.
Access to controls will be on the front of the unit (Door access)
All electrical connections will be enclosed in NML conduit.
All plumbing will be of brass/copper Where ever possible.(some hose connections are required)
Pump storage will be available on the units.
Ports will be installed for unit evacuation.
Audible/ Visual high temp and low flow alarms will be installed.
Two T&P valves will be installed
Pump umbilical length will be 25 foot
1.5 HP 220/60 Pump

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