Innovative commercial diving heater systems from Custom Design and Fabrication Ltd. improve operational effectiveness, enhance reliability, and reduce costs for our customers.

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The U.S. Monkey Heaters are set up for 120V 60 Hz supply voltage.

One of the more popular items for commercial and military divers is our famous Monkey Heater, an innovative hot water heater with many advantages over its predecessors. The new Monkey Heater unit is smaller and lighter than previous models, incorporating a number of features including detachable fuel tanks, which make fuel transfer a breeze. Standard on every system is a small, submersible water pump (eliminating pump-priming difficulties) that moves up to eleven gallons of water per minute. The pump comes with a 25-foot umbilical, while the heater unit includes an LED digital read-out for monitoring water temperature, with a range of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat is supplied by a diesel-fired burner capable of 350,000 BTU. Custom Design & Fabrication Ltd. has also incorporated a manual fuel pressure adjustment that enables divers to maintain a constant water temperature when the system is in use. The variation in temperature is maintained at plus or minus one degree, a great improvement over older systems. The Monkey Heater system uses an adjustable high temperature shut-off to shut down automatically should the water temperature become too warm. In addition, it has a special flow switch that will shut the system down should the water supply be accidentally cut off. The entire electrical system is sealed and can be operated outdoors in moist environments.

Monkey Heater USA Model 120V 60Hz PWH-100/3
Monkey Heater USA Model 120V 60Hz (Without Pump) PWH-100/3-NP

The Euro & International Monkey Heaters are set up for international contractors.

The unit delivers the same quality and performance of the standard heater and is delivered pre-wired and set for 220V/50 Hz.

Also new for the heater is a field service kit that includes a replacement pump, burner motor, fuel regulator, flow switch, filters, and tool kit, all pre-packed in a Pelican case.

Monkey Heater European Model 220V 50Hz PWH-100/4
Monkey Heater International Model 220V 60Hz PWH-100/5